cazador-red: friendly-neighborhood-patriarch: smallangryspider: smallangryspider: ms-demeanor: abloodymess: After her Grammy performance I keep seeing people kind of acting shocked that Dolly Parton is actually “good”, not like a big boobed country singing gimmick and it makes me soooo angry. Dolly on a technical level is just as good (if not better) guitar player than any of her male contemporaries, and none of those old bastards do it with nails, style, and constantly having to be good-natured about her looks and being a woman in music. ALSO, she is an amazing banjo player! Like no fooling super good. Anyways Dolly Parton rules always and forever amen. Also. Also. Look at those fucking fingernails. Dolly Parton plays fucking amazing guitar with clean fretting while wearing two-inch talons on her fingers. God i love her. is she - is she wearing JOOTS Dolly is wonderful. Technically, personally, and morally. One of the “celebrities” that I honestly believe has an honestly good heart. Dolly is pure class

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