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forever-blondie: Debbie Harry photographed by Anthony Barboza - 1976

twixnmix: Isaac Hayes, Rick James, Barry White, Glodean White and Teddy Pendergrass circa 1978. Photos by Bobby Holland

soundsof71: Cher, 1971

evalalaluna: Dennis Hopper by Mary Ellen Mark on the set of “Apocalypse Now” directed by Francis Ford Coppola, 1979

vintagesalt: Margot Kidder photographed by Steve Schapiro

hollywood-portraits: Sean Connery photographed by Terence Donovan, 1962.

ohmy80s: Lisa Whelchal & C.Thomas Howell

clemsfilmdiary: White Men Can’t Jump (1992, Ron Shelton) 5/27/18

petersonreviews: Naomi Campbell and Grace Jones, 1990

venus-in-furzz: Polly Jean Harvey | 1994 - © John Stoddart