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languagethatiuse: Mr. Sidney Poitier waiting at the train station in his role as Det. Virgil Tibbs in the 1967 film “In The Heat of Night”.

houseofsushi: Vic Tayback

vintageruminance: Raquel Welch - Bluebeard (1972)

houseofsushi: Lucille Ball

vintagegal: David Bowie on Good Morning America, 1976

sixpenceee: Stephen King standing at the gate of his house in Bangor, Maine.

Seared Tuna Loin at Rivue.

houseofsushi: Bruce Willis

nineteeneighties: John Cusack and Ione Skye in Say Anything (1989)

lottereinigerforever: John Waters

sala66: Liv Tyler, por Lara Rossignol, 1995

houseofsushi: Sonny Bono + Cher

vintagesalt: Reservoir Dogs (1992)

houseofsushi: Donald Sutherland Kelly’s Heroes

vintagesalt: Cyndi Lauper

hellyeahhorrormovies: “Agent Cooper loves coffee.”

kdo: Veronica Lake (age 18) by George Hurrell (1940)

hellyeahhorrormovies: Isabelle Adjani and Klaus Kinski in Werner Herzog’s remake of Nosferatu: Phantom Der Nacht, 1979.

vintagesalt: Christina Applegate & Brad Pitt, 1988

vintagesalt: Winona Ryder in Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael (1990)

vintagebreeze: Barbra Streisand.

leirelatent: Audrey Hepburn photographed by Mark Shaw, 1953

wehadfacesthen: Irene Dunne wearing a gown and cape by Bernard Newman, head designer for RKO Pictures, in a publicity photo for Roberta (William Seiter, 1935)

greganka: Bogie and Bacall: Go ahead and scratch. The Big Sleep.

vintagechampagnefever: Audrey Hepburn by Sam Shaw

vintagesalt: Courtney Love and Drew Barrymore, 1995

houseofsushi: Mary Stuart Masterson + Johnny Depp in Benny and Joon (1993)

vintagesalt: Molly Ringwald and John Hughes in-between takes of Sixteen Candles (1984)

houseofsushi: Gillian Anderson + David Duchovny

fybombshells: beautiful ella raines

Happy Birthday Lynda Carter (July 24, 1951) “Wonder Woman really is a phenomenon unto herself, the show and the character really has a life of its’ own. She represented, uh, hope, I think, for young women, and she also represented for young men, mind you, which I get a lot of mail on, the type of, like the perfect woman, one that could be beautiful and smart and fun and strong.”

2othcentury: Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass - What Now My Love (A&M, 1966)

vintagesalt: Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction (1994)

vintagesalt: Madonna by Laura Levine, 1982

thenewmns: Paul admiring Joanne’s Butch Cassidy shirt. Photos by Milton Greene, 1975.

hollywoodlady: Alicia Silverstone for Clueless, 1995

houseofsushi: Eve Plumb

hellyeahhorrormovies: Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice, 1988.

hellyeahhorrormovies: “They all float down here.”

lottereinigerforever: Dustin Hoffman in “Little Big Man”

keyframedaily: Ridley Scott, Rutger Hauer and Harrison Ford on the set of Blade Runner (1982). Via Alfonso Ortunyo.

lottereinigerforever: John Wayne and his son Ethan on location in Mexico for the filming of “The War Wagon” in 1967.

tomhanksworld: Tom Hanks + Carrie Fisher - The ‘Burbs (1989)

70spostergirls: Mary Louise Weller. Best known for her role as the girl Bluto peeps at in Animal House, 1978.

lars134: Jimmy Stewart, 1939

vintagesalt: Drew Barrymore in Poison Ivy (1992)

zzzze: Roy Schatt, Steve McQueen, 1956