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nostalgia-eh51: Burt Bacharach & Angie Dickinson

ohmy80s: Raising Arizona (1987)

music-is-my-life-man: Queen, 1980

howardhawkshollywoodannex: Robert Redford and Paul Newman as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) with Katharine Ross. The film was directed by George Roy Hill who was born in Minneapolis and had 19 director credits from a 1954 tv episode, his first feature in 1962, to Funny Farm with Chevy Chase in 1988. George is an Oscar winner for his direction of The Sting, the equally disappointing reuniting of the two stars, and his other film on the TSPDT list of the 1,000 Greatest Films. It’s hard to find a good movie on George’s filmography. His best feature may be The World According to Garp.

petersonreviews: Matt Dillon and Bridget Fonda in Singles, 1992

thisaintnomuddclub: Ian McKellen in 1981. Photo by Graham Harrison

xamfra: Rod Serling.

farm2turntable: Roy Orbison, reporter.

soundsof71: Joey Ramone at the Roundhouse, 1977, by Denis O’Regan

historium: Bruce Lee with his wife Linda and children Brandon and Shannon, 1970s

howdysister: #1!!!

rxtrobaby: olivia newton-john & john travolta, 1978 ✨

a-talking-heads-head: Tina and David. Stop Making Sense.

piratetreasure: I don’t what’s better Anjelica (just Anjelica ) or Jacks jeans

hollywood-portraits: Tom Hanks photographed by Mark Seliger, 1995.

vintagesalt: Richard Pryor photographed by Susan Aimee Weinik | 1977