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superseventies: Dolly Parton

theactioneer: Kim Cattrall, Big Trouble In Little China (1986)

oldhollywoodfilms: Cary Grant, Peter Lorre and Sophia Loren in 1957.

trash-fuckyou: Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland in KLUTE

beatnikdaddio: lynda carter.

beatnikdaddio: elvis presley once jokingly offered elizabeth montgomery’s husband his brand new rolls royce in trade for elizabeth. her husband smartly declined this unfair trade.

wehadfacesthen: Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood, 1957, young and in love

soundsof71: Freddie Mercury, Queen, 1977, by Neal Preston

ohmy80s: January 1989

sparklejamesysparkle: A candid photo of Judy Garland in New York, 1950.