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vintageruminance: Raquel Welch with Robin Williams, 1979

theimpossiblecool: Stevie.

wehadfacesthen: Mae West and W.C. Fields in a promotional photo for My Little Chickadee (Edward F. Cline, 1940)

myloveforjane: Jane Russell, 1959

nearlyvintage: Queen

promisesbutterthebread: Robert Conrad in The Wild Wild West (1967)

fawnvelveteen: Portrait of Ann-Margret, 1960’s

Elvis Presley and Ann Margret in 1963

houseofsushi: Kiefer Sutherland in The Lost Boys (1987)

houseofsushi: Robert De Niro in Angel Heart (1987)

lottereinigerforever: Kirk Douglas



houseofsushi: Christian Bale // American Psycho

The Dick Van Dyke Show - Promo Photo

dailyactress: Elvis and Priscilla Presley with Lisa Marie

anotherstateofmind67: Bela Lugosi playing poker with Santa, 1940

anotherstateofmind67: Frank Zappa ~ as Santa Claus

anotherstateofmind67: Leonard Nimoy Christmas Bigfoot Sweater

anotherstateofmind67: Jayne Mansfield

nearlyvintage: Bjork

houseofsushi: Valerie Bertinelli

cleorockuniverse: Alice Cooper

modrules: #kurtcobain #xmas (rollingstone)

promisesbutterthebread: Keanu Reeves + River Phoenix

nearlyvintage: demi moore

vintagegal: Grace Kelly photographed by Howell Conant, Jamaica, 1955

Led Zeppelin circa 1970

Veronica Lake in 1941.

Merry Christmas!

sala66: Mirad que pinta de moderno tiene Vincent Price en “La Tumba de Ligeia”, de 1964

Bjork in KUKL - 1984 at Manchester Gallery

vintageruminance: Dolly Parton in low-cut cream dress, head and shoulders, 1970s

modrules: Found @ Iconic Cool (facebook)

Wishing a Happy Holiday to All ! “Santa Claus” with Christmas toys on a sled drawn by white turkeys c1909

updownsmilefrown: Betty Grable, 1941 by Frank Powolny

vintagegal: Rita Hayworth c. 1940s

lottereinigerforever: suicideblonde: John Waters’ 1995 Christmas Card Merry Xmas all !

modrules: Found @ Iconic Cool (facebook)

Mr. T dressed as Santa Claus giving Nancy Reagan a Mr. T-doll.

20th-century-man: Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire.

anotherstateofmind67: Christmas with the Ronettes.