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fashionphotographyscans: Year: 1954 Models: Sophia Loren, Yvonne de Carlo & Gina Lollobridgida Photographer: Heinz Koster

80sloove: Sixteen Candles (1984)

houseofsushi: Jack Nicholson + Kathleen Turner in Prizzi’s Honor (1985)

houseofsushi: Kevin Bacon

fuckyeah-filmstills: Alec Baldwin in Malice (1993)

houseofsushi: Spader + Cusack

houseofsushi: Priscilla Barnes in Mallrats (1995)

classickat: Joyce DeWitt, John Ritter, and Priscilla Barnes at an event, early 1980’s.

#nofilter #5



villainsandvictims: Casino (1995) Listen to me very carefully. There are three ways of doing things around here: the right way, the wrong way, and the way that I do it. You understand?

fuckindiva: Ella Raines

trash-fuckyou: Virginia Madsen, Bobcat Goldthwait, 1988.

fuckyeahbehindthescenes: The film was originally called “The Babysitter Murders.” It was suggested that connecting the film to a specific holiday would make it more significant. (x) Halloween (1978)

lottereinigerforever: Happy 57th birthday Jamie Lee Curtis ! here Jamie Lee Curtis & Kim Cattrall on the set of “The Heidi Chronicles”

life: Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly waiting backstage at the RKO Pantages Theatre during the 28th Annual Academy Awards, 1956. (Allan Grant—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images) #LIFElegends #tbt

retropopcult: Jamie Lee Curtis at her home in Santa Monica, 1983 Photo by Douglas Kirkland

msmildred: Paul Newman

goldenageestate: Julie Andrews ~ The Sound of Music, 1965

hollywoodlady: Anita Ekberg In Casablanca photographed by Loomis Dean, 1955 (x)

80s-90s-supermodels: “Bo…is Back”, PLAYBOY US, August 1980 Photographer: John Derek Model: Bo Derek Happy birthday, Bo! (November 20, 1956, 59 today)

gameraboy: Marlo Thomas and a Thanksgiving friend

Look at that face

behindtheillusions: On the set of The Howling (1981), directed by Joe Dante.

retropopcult: Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, and baby Bobbi.

retropopcult: 1972

meganmonroes: Shirley MacLaine in What A Way To Go! (1964)

Face up against the glass when she wants in

trash-fuckyou: Joan Jett

starchildluver: KISS (NYC) April 9, 1976

gayorionix: Christopher Hewett, Andreas Voutsinas in “The Producers” 1967



sunsetgun: Carrie

losetheboyfriend: Run DMC, Hollis, Queens; captured by Janette Beckman (1984)

losetheboyfriend: Beastie Boys on Steps; captured by Lynn Goldsmith (1987)

ohrobbybaby: Dick Van Dyke for The Dick Van Dyke Show

humanoidhistory: November 16, 1984: Sci-fi doomsday comedy Night of the Comet arrives in theaters.