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Raquel Welch on a balcony in London, 1970

billie holiday and her dog mister. 1946

The Beatle’s last photoshoot: Tittenhurts Park, 1969. The front and back cover for their album “Hey Jude” came from this shoot.

Vampira, 1954

On the set of Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954). Photos by Edward Clark

Halloween (1978)

houseofsushi: bigbennklingon: Lynda Carter Awww

Adam Ant - early 1980s

Happy Halloween from Yvonne De Carlo, aka Lily Munster, 1946

(via Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards and Jason Alexander | - Rare and beautiful celebrity photos)

Weird Al

Veronica Lake wishes you a Happy Halloween! 1940’s

pickledelephant: David Lynch and Laura Dern on the set of Wild at Heart (1990)

wehadfacesthen: Boris Karloff and Gloria Stuart in The Old Dark House (James Whale, 1932)

classickat: Jerry Lewis and Susan Bay on the set of The Big Mouth, 1967.

houseofsushi: Liza Minnelli by Andy Warhol

nickdrake: Sherilyn Fenn / Boxing Helena.

The Misfits, featuring a slim Glenn Danzig, 1979, New York City.

Muhammad Ali chatting up a girl at a record station

Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro on the set of Taxi Driver in 1975

Elvira 1988

I'm sort of a traditionalist when it comes to carving pumpkins. I'm not good enough to do the crazy sculpting stuff and if I try to get to fancy it falls apart quickly.

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And Shane

(via Stephen King | - Rare and beautiful celebrity photos)

Joan Crawford portrait. Before and after 6 hours of manual retouching.

Iconic 1970’s poster of Farrah Fawcett

#nofilter #fujifilmxt1 #pumpkincarving

#nofilter #fujifilmxt1 #pumpkincarving #zoinks

#nofilter #fujifilmxt1 #pumpkincarving

#nofilter #fujifilmxt1 #pumpkincarving

#nofilter #fujifilmxt1 #pumpkincarving

#nofilter #fujifilmxt1 # pumpkin carving

Gregg Allman

Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson in 1998.

glamidols: Jessica Lange – 1976

I suppose people could blame me for ending Audrey Hepburn’s career. She knew her potential. If she had kept working, the parts were there for her, and her success professionally would have continued at a high level for years. But she wanted to be with her family. She wanted a private life. And she couldn’t bear the thought that she might fail as a mother. It was too important to her. I remember her long hair, her bare feet, which as a little boy I often caressed while she put her makeup on. Whenever she had to go to a dinner or a cocktail party, she would always say, “Oh, if only I could only stay home and eat in the kitchen with you.” I remember school days, cramming for exams for which she probably fretted more than I did. She would test me before bed and again in the morning, waking up with a sort of sleepy head only adults enjoy. I remember her elation at good grades, her support and positiveness for the “not so good ones”. I remember sleepovers on weekends, when we would chat with the lights out, during those precious few moments before one falls asleep. We would talk about feelings and plans and people and things, but in that way that is specific to that darkness, like two souls suspended. I am often asked what it was like to have a famous mother. I always answer that I don’t know. I knew her first as my mother and then as my best friend. She wanted to be a mother very much so when she had the opportunity, she did it to the fullest extent of the law. Audrey Hepburn’s son, Sean Hepburn Ferrer +

laurapalmerwalkswithme: Rare Twin Peaks Behind the Scenes pictures by Paula K. Shimatsu

20th-century-man: Natalie Wood

gingerrogerss: Carole Lombard, 1941

vintagegal: Twiggy c. 1966

Mister Rogers will always one of the coolest in my eyes. Here he is with his puppets in the 1960’s.

superseventies: Lou Reed at the Music Inn in Massachusetts, 1973. Photo by Gerard Malanga.