Help Save LOUISVILLE IS FOR LOVERS 'Summer 7" Series'

Help Save LOUISVILLE IS FOR LOVERS 'Summer 7" Series': "In the dozen years Louisville is For Lovers has been bringing the best music from Local bands, I have never asked for help, what ever cuts and losses I took, I took alone, but after a succession of hits over the past few weeks, I find myself stuck.
Two weeks ago we had our first show in the SUMMER 7' SERIES on the Glassworks rooftop with The Bad Reeds and Workers with a free 7' record to everyone at the door. It was a great night despite the looming rain that kept a lot of folks home, and it got new music from local bands onto some sexy yellow vinyl.
This series is supposed to have a show every month through the summer with the next one on JUNE 24th on the Glassworks Rooftop with Second Story Man and Adventure. It is an ambitious series, maybe too ambitious, that celebrates local music as well as the timeless art of Vinyl, and for just $10 a show you get both. Unfortunately vinyl costs a fortune as well as playing at such a unique venue such as Glassworks, and after several financial hits I fear we may not be able to continue. But, I am not giving up, as I never have, and I am asking you to please give and in supporting local music and spreading the word about this Unique and exciting project.
We are asking for you to help by pre-ordering tickets to this series so that we can pay for the next round of vinyl, and in exchange we are cutting the price and giving away a ton of extras.
By pre-ordering your ticket for the 6/24 show w/Adventure+Second Story Man for just $10 you will get the limited edition 7' from both bands as well as the Bad Reeds+Workers 7'.
tickets are also avialable for the Scott Carney band+Deloreans show on 8/19 or the Gallery Singers+Whistle Peak show on 9/16 for just $8 each.
Or for just $25 you can get a season pass for all three shows/7's as well as 2 more 7's, that's 3 shows and five 7's for only $25. it's an unbeatable deal. Please help us by telling your friends about this project!

Season Pass: $25 (for the 3 remaining events at the glassworks rooftop). 21+. comes with a season pass and poster, at the door of first show. order now and receive an additional two 7"s, the workers/bad reeds 7" and the gallery singers/another7astronauts 7" from last summer. that's 5 records and 3 events for just $25! note: must be at event to get 7", we cannot set aside records.

Ticket for next event: Adventure+Second Story Man 6/24: $10. only 250 tickets available, get yours now. order now and recieve a second 7" from the first event w/Workers+Bad Reeds! thats two 7"s and a show for just $10! (your name will be at the door, please remember your I.D.). 21+

future dates:
-Friday august 8/19 Scott Carney & The Deloreans

pre-order for just $8
-Friday september 9/16 Whistle Peak & Gallery Singers

pre-order for just $8


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