soundsof71: eroticaplexus: alphafemdomphonesex: fetishphonesexmistress: soundsof71: Joan Jett, Ch-ch-ch-Cherry Bomb. (The version from 1984’s Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth, but still.) “Down the street, I’m the girl next door. I’m the fox you’ve been waiting for.” ~~~~The totally yummy and kick ass Joan Jett, rocking a REAL woman’s attitude in “Cherry Bomb”! Joan Jett is my celebrity crush … she’s amazing and sexy and does it all how SHE wants. I’d let her do really awful things to me … and I’d like it Oh goddess I love Joan Jett- Hello Daddy, hello Mom I’m your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb This promo photo is for the version Joan sings lead on.

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