From the Ashes

Its been about 5 years since I stopped doing the blog.
I had gotten tired of doing it.  Plus with myspace and facebook, it seemed a little like it had become redundant.
But recently I've had several people mention the old site and sort of nudge me into possibly bringing it back.

I'm bringing it out of retirement.  In a slightly different form.  Before, I did a photo of the day, link of the day and a post of the day.  The new is going to be a little more free form.
I'll be posting photos, links, videos, whatever happens to catch my attention.  I also be posting my photos, thoughts, occasionally a video of mine and events I want to help promote, be involved in or want to go to.

If you don't come by daily, at least come around once a week to catch up.  I've started off with a few quick items so make sure you go to the main page and not just this post.



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